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OutRage! by Lee Hong Min

Lee Hong Min is an artist who has been a member of the art project team “Goo For Brothers”. He lives and works in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Since 2013, he has had a number of group shows including “Goo For Brothers X Rukkit Exhibition ‘GOORU’”(2014), “Triangle YETI” (2014) and worked with clients like Momot, Playmonster and Ashcroft.

In his work, he thoroughly explores agony. It is where his ideas start. Inevitably repeated over and over again, it has created his distinct character. With highly taut muscles and stood-out tendons, somewhat cruel scenes in his work present vague fear and anxiety the artist faces. Transformed into intense energies, the feelings are expressed as strong visual images.    

The OutRage! published by SSE Project features his recent works which best represent this rage and agony.

22 x 22 cm, 40 Pages, ISBN: 979-11-85695-05-1, 2015